Ted And Loretta Rogers Foster Care Comfort Kits

Launched in 2013 by a private donor, the Ted & Loretta Rogers Foster Care Comfort Kit Program aims to significantly improve the experience of vulnerable children and youth, by providing items and resources that aid in their comfort, well-being, safety and sense of security. 

The CAFNS is very proud to be one of 20 organizations nationwide that provide over 5000 comfort care kits to young people struggling to cope during a difficult period of their lives. The contents of these backpacks are meant to help ease the overwhelming upheaval these children experience and to provide a sense of comfort and security

Comfort Care Kits are given to children coming into care or transitioning to a new placement. This includes foster homes, residential homes and kinship homes across the province. The backpacks contain age-, gender- and culturally- appropriate items such as pyjamas, shampoo, toys and books, as well as  gift cards to various restaurants and services.

“Getting my backpack helped me feel better when I was really scared. It had my teddy and some of my things in it.”
– Abby, age 9


  • Children and youth aged 0-18 
  • Children and youth who enter foster or kin care or a group home on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Available to child welfare agencies across Nova Scotia 
  • Requests from Child Welfare Social Workers

Application Process

A referral agent such as a social worker, Schools Plus Outreach worker, Public Health Nurse, or other relevant professional must complete all sections of this application and submit it to the fund manager.

Applications cannot be accepted if they are submitted by a child/youth or family member/relative.

How to apply

Please contact our Executive Director, Jane Boyd Landry, to receive an application form.

Jane Boyd Landry – Executive Director
Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia
1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 301
Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
T: (902) 422-1316 ext. 4
F: (902) 422-4012



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