cooking Towards Indepdendence

The Cooking Towards Independence Fund was developed to support cooking/budgeting/nutrition and fitness programming. Open to youth 14-26 years old, the core program is designed to deliver tailored cooking, food budgeting and nutritional workshops. Costs may include fees for trained youth workers, nutritionists and chefs, food, equipment and fees to rent space. There is some flexibility on the structure and possible additional components could include things like:

  • A variety of program models (ie. 5-6 week program, week long workshops, intensive day long workshops or ½ day workshop)
  • Creating a recipe booklet with low budget, easy nutritious meals for participants
  • Training/payment for food handling certification
  • Fitness activities
  • Incentives for youth (ie. gift cards, transportation, kitchen supplies… etc.)

Application Process

  1. An application needs to be completed by Social Worker, school administrator, grants manager for your organization.
  2. Please submit the application to Fund Manager at address provided below.
  3. The Fund Manager will make payment arrangements for approved application.
  4. Surveys and evaluation forms are to be completed by each participant and are required to be submitted to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia as soon as the cooking workshops are completed.

How to apply

Please contact our Executive Director, Jane Boyd Landry, to receive an application form.

Jane Boyd Landry – Executive Director
Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia 
1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 301
Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
T: (902) 422-1316 ext. 4
F: (902) 422-4012


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