CIBC Miracle Fund

The CIBC Miracle Fund provides enrichment opportunities and  for children, youth, and families to enhance their physical, mental, social, and developmental well-being. This fund is administered by  CAFNS through a partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.


  • Children and youth in care (continuous care, permanent wards, crown wards, kinship care)
  • Children and youth living in the community served in a child welfare organization 
  • Newborn to 13 years of age at the time of request*
  • No other sources of funding (including government funding) to support this request
  • Strong recommendations from agency staff
  • Approval by supervisor
  • Clear indication of how the child/youth will benefit from the grant
  • Funds can also be spent on youth aged 14-18 but to a lesser extent than the 0-13 age range

Fund can be used to support sports and recreational activities, educational costs and activities (school trip, prom activities, sports team trips) as well as arts and cultural activities. 

Related Stories

Chloe’s Story
Chloe entered foster care at the age of three. Four years later, she was adopted, but removed from that home due to abuse. Due to her traumatic past experiences, she’s had difficulty trusting others. CIBC Miracle funds have provided her with the opportunity to attend horseback riding camp where she has connected with animals, and by doing so, been able to move towards healing and recovery. Although Chloe still faces challenges, she has made a deep and impactful connection with her volunteer, and is learning to trust and care for animals.

Roberto’s Story

Roberto is a 12-year-old who struggles with ADHD. CIBC Miracle funds have allowed him to attend a soccer program, which has become a great outlet where he excels and feels proud of his accomplishments. Last summer, he volunteered as a junior leader with younger soccer players.

Kyle’s Story
Since entering care at the age of 10, Kyle has lived in various foster homes. He has very complex mental health needs and several diagnoses due to past abuse and neglect. Kyle has specific treatment practices that help him cope, and Miracle funds have provided him with the opportunity to take pottery classes, which are very hands-on and offer an expressive outlet within his daily life.

Application Process

A referral agent such as a social worker, SchoolsPlus Outreach worker, Public Health Nurse, or another relevant professional must complete all sections of this application and submit it to the fund manager. Applications cannot be accepted if they are submitted from a child/youth or family member/relative.

How to apply

Please contact our Executive Director, Jane Boyd Landry, to receive an application form.

Jane Boyd Landry – Executive Director
Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia
1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 301
Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
T: (902) 422-1316 ext. 4
F: (902) 422-4012


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