Children's Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia's
Health and Well-Being Fund

CAFNS’s Health & Well-Being Fund is designed to assist the various health needs of children and youth who otherwise could not access these needs.  This fund fills the gap between basic government funded health care and the necessary preventative and specialized supports that most high-risk children, youth and families desperately need, but cannot afford. 


  • Under 21 years of age at the time of the request 
  • Children and Youth at risk in the community 
  • No other sources of funding (including government funding and private health plans) available to support the request
  • Referred by professional involved with child/youth/family
  • Clear indication of how the child/youth/family will benefit from the grant

Can be used for but not limited to the following: Prescriptions; Vision Care; Mental Health Therapy; Medical Therapy Services (Physiotherapy, chiropractic); Dental Care; Lice Treatment; Travel to and from medical and treatment appointment.

Application Process 

  1. The worker to complete all sections of this application form.
  2. Please submit the application to Fund Manager at the address provided below.
  3. The Fund Manager will receive and review application from an applicant on behalf of children and youth served, and makes grant decisions based on the eligibility above.
  4. The Fund Manager will make payment arrangements for approved applications. Receipts and/or invoices will be required for all approved applications.
  5. Grants expire six months after the application date and monitoring of the services is the responsibility of the applicant.
  6. The Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia would like to support as many children and youth as possible while still helping meet their diverse health and well-being needs.  The maximum amount of each request is $400.00 until the funds are depleted.

How to apply

Please contact our Executive Director, Jane Boyd Landry, to receive an application form.

Jane Boyd Landry – Executive Director
Children’s Aid Foundation of Nova Scotia
1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 301
Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
T: (902) 422-1316 ext. 4
F: (902) 422-4012


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